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Who We Are

Our purpose is to help desperately poor, sick and abandoned people. Many are elderly, some mentally or physically disabled, but most are helpless children needing food, clothing or medicine. Each family has a unique story but they all share the desperate struggle to cope.

15928Founder Jennifer Stone-Wigg, M.B.E has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1995. Originally from the UK, She was born in the United Kingdom and educated at the Holy Trinity Convent in Worcestershire. Her career took her took her to Switzerland, where she continued her training in Brown Boveri Baden as a secretary. She later moved to Lugano, where she was employed in the stock exchange passing orders to different countries. After they stopped using the telex her last years were spent in the art gallery belong to the bank, and it was there she became aware of the Bosnian conflict after seeing an exhibition of photographs at an art gallery.

She contacted Don Renzo Scapolo, founder of the charitable organization ‘Sprofondo’ in Italy and Sarajevo and offered her help. She flew to Sarajevo in 1995, witnessing a country devastated by war. While still employed at the bank, she visited Bosnia during her vacations, vowing to help where she could. She returned to Switzerland to raise funds for this cause.

After Jennifer retired from the banking business, she committed herself full time to charitable work in Bosnia. She began her own organization in Lugano, Switzerland ‘Aiuto Svizzero alla Pace in Bosnia’ (Swiss Help for Peace in Bosnia) in 2001.

In 1997 Jennifer made arrangements for 16 paraplegic men to visit Switzerland. They were accompanied by a doctor, physiotherapist and 8 helpers. Again in 2003, the organization invited 24 orphan children for a holiday in Switzerland. Independent fund raising covered all costs.

Jennifer works constantly with other organizations, bringing to light some of the most desperate cases. If her organization is unable to provide for certain cases, she will try to find one that can.

Jennifer is committed to personally visiting and giving to each family their donations, traveling extensively throughout Bosnia. She has been doing this for the past 12 years and will continue to do so, realizing the desperate needs that still exist.

In May 2008. Jennifer was awarded the M.B.E. for her work in Bosnia. She received the medal from her Majesty the Queen of England.


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All money raised by Auito Svizzero all Pace in Bosnia (Swiss Aid for Peace in Bosnia) goes directly to help the families who need it the most. Our project in Bosnia is called Future for Families, to find out more about who your donations help please see our other website.